March 15, 2015:  Signed contract / offer to purchase.   Paid initial deposit. SR gave an estimated settlement day of August 10th.
March 19, 2015:  NVR meeting, loan application. 
March 22, 2015:  7 day structural change order deadline
March 27, 2015:  Guardian wiring meeting.
March 28, 2015:  HD supply meeting.  Flooring selection meeting
April 3, 2015: NVR loan approved
April 5, 2015:  Final 21 day change deadline
April 16, 2015:  Second deposit due but also paid final deposit.
May 8,2015: Preconstruction Meeting
Week of May 18th- Scheduled to break ground

Week 1 "Excavation & Footing"
Day 1 May18th- Lot staked!
Day 2 May19th- Excavation! We have a hole! they dug up our lot.  Most amazing pile of dirt I've ever seen!
Day 3- May 20th- Footers
Day 4- May 21st- No change but they did plant trees in the back
Day 5 May 22nd- Forms for basement placed
       Day 6-May 23-saturday
Week 2 "Foundation"
Day 7-8- Memorial Day weekend... Concrete people are off!.. No progress during this time
Day 9 May 26th-Foundation poured
Day 10 May 27th- No change
Day 11 May 28th- Forms off, waterproofing done
Day 12 May 29th - No change
       Day 13 May 30th- Saturday- no change
Week 3 "Foundation"
       Day 14 May 31st- Sunday- no change
Day 15 June 1st
Day 16 June 2nd- Garage and porch backfilled with dirt
Day 17 June 3rd-  no change  Lumber delivered
Day 18 June 4th- No change
Day 19 June 5th -Basement floor poured
Day 20 June 6th-1st floor framed--- They worked on a saturday!

Week 4 "Framing"
       Day 21 June 7-Sunday
Day 22 June 8th- 2nd floor framed
Day 23 June 9th- Trusses on house completed
Day 24 June 10th- Roof completed
Day 25 June 11th- 
Day 26 June 12th-- Shingles on Roof and HVAC started
        Day 27 June 13th
Week 5 "Framing"
        Day 28 June 14th
Day 29 June 15th - Some wiring and HVAC on top floor
Day 30 June 16th- Plumbing rough in, Fireplace installed!
Day 31 June 17th- Garage Poured!, tub and shower in place
Day 32 June 18th- sump pump installed
Day 33 June 19th
Day 34 June 20th- wiring started

Week 6 "Mechanicals"
Day 35 June 21st
Day 36 June 22nd- Hvac started
Day 37 June 23rd
Day 38 June 24th- siding started
Day 39 June 25th- siding finished
Day 40 June 26th
Day 41 June 27th
Week 7 "Insulation & Drywall"
Day 42 June 28th
Day 43 June 29th
Day 44 June 30th- shutters, insulation
Day 45 July 1st
Day 46 July 2nd
Day 47 July 3rd
Day 48 July 4th
Week 8 "Drywall"
Day 49 July 5th
Day 50 July 6th
Day 51 July 7th
Day 52 July 8th- stone
Day 53 July 9th- cabinets
Day 54 July 10th
Day 55 July 11th
Week 9  "Tile & Trim"
Day 56 July 12th- 
Day 57 July 13th-First coat of paint
Day 58 July 14th-Tile started
Day 59 July 15th- More tile and light fixtures and outlets in
Day 60 July 16th
Day 61 July 17th
Day 62 July 18th
Week 10 "Paint"
Day 63 July 19th
Day 64 July 20th
Day 65 July 21st
Day 66 July 22nd
Day 67 July 23rd
Day 68 July 24th
Day 69 July 25th
Week 11 "Lights, faucets and appliances"
Day 70 July 26th
Day 71 July 27th
Day 72 July 28th
Day 73 July 29th
Day 74 July 30th
Day 75 July 31st
Day 76 Aug 1st
Week 12 "Carpet and hardwood flooring"
Day 77 Aug 2nd
Day 78 Aug 3rd
Day 79 Aug 4th
Day 80 Aug 5th
Day 81 Aug 6th
Day 82 Aug 7th
Day 83 Aug 8th
Week 13 "Inspection and Pre-settlement Demonstration"
Day 84 Aug 9th
Day 85 Aug 10th
Day 86 Aug 11th
Day 87 Aug 12th
Day 88 Aug 13th
Day 89 Aug 14th
Day 90 Aug 15th

 ETA: August

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